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Prostitution and Risk of HIV

Mature escorts says that prostitution and risk of HIV infection go hand in hand because unprotected sex can easily give you the virus. Prostitution refers to commercial sexual intercourse between prostitution clients and prostitutes engaged in such activity. It is a criminal offense in many countries worldwide, including United States. Prostitution and risk of HIV infection is an ugly reality that many people are either uninformed about it or too scared to even dare to look into the issue. This article will try to put some light on the subject of risk of HIV in prostitution.

The National HIV Program/Program meamentos de Desarrollo (PDCA) estimates that the number of women engaging in prostitution is up to 50% higher than the population of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. Prostitution has been associated with the occurrence of numerous sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, and genital herpes. The recent alarming rise in the number of HIV cases in the US is largely attributed to the unregulated activities of female prostitutes. HIV prevalence has risen dramatically among women aged 25 and above, particularly among women of indigenous African-American, Native American, Asian, and Latin American descent. In some US cities like Kansas City and St Louis, for example, the ratio of newly diagnosed HIV cases to the total population of the cities is more than three times.

Prostitution and risk of HIV infection are caused by several distinct risk behaviours that female prostitutes to engage in, which in turn exposes them to increased risks of acquiring HIV. One of these risk behaviours is unprotected male sexual intercourse, the sexual contact with a person not having a sufficient HIV prevention regimen, or a lack of concern and respect for the safety of the infected person. Unprotected intercourse means having sex without using a condom, or with a person who is HIV positive.

Female prostitutes are exposed to different risk behaviours when they engage in prostitution. Some of these are unprotected sex, and lack of concern and respect for the safety of the infected person, and sharing of needles. Unprotected sex means having multiple sex partners, engaging in transactional sex, being a minor’s right of passage, and not using condoms on a regular basis. Condom use reduces the risk of HIV acquisition in the vaginal area and decreases chances of contracting other STIs.

Lack of concern and respect for the safety of the female client is another risk factor for HIV infection. Female clients of commercial sex services are under a significant amount of stress, financial pressures, and physical and mental strain, resulting in poor judgment when deciding to have sexual intercourse. Lack of knowledge about safe practices also increases the risk of contracting HIV. Some HIV positive women may believe that their partners would be informed about the status of their health, thereby reducing the risk of infecting them.

HIV risk during sexual intercourse can be reduced by educating mature escorts in las vegas about safe practices. It is important for women to know and learn the HIV risk factors associated with prostitution, such as having multiple sexual partners, engaging in transactional sex, and not using condoms on a regular basis. HIV testing is now readily available for clients of licensed establishments, and many private agencies offer free or low-cost HIV tests. In addition, there are many organizations aiming to reduce the risk of HIV and AIDS within the prostitution industry. Many organizations also provide counseling to female clients on how to avoid health risks and manage HIV. These organizations also conduct seminars for social and community awareness on HIV and AIDS.


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