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Best Things You Can Do For Your Marriage

Sex between a husband/wife is one of the most sacred gifts of God. Sex is the physical expression of the divine love between a man and his wife. Theology teaches that sex is the union of two souls, which means to say that the soul of the one who had sex with his wife is in the form of a man while the soul of the one who had sex with his wife is in the form of a woman. To explain it further, when the soul of the husband had sex with the wife and vice versa, the soul of the wife would change into a man and the soul of the husband would become a woman. This is also called the Fall or Tart.

As previously mentioned, Sex between a husband/wife is a gift of God. There are several reasons why this occurs but one of the most important is that it is normal. Every human being goes through this cycle at one point or another. It is a part of us and at the same time is inevitable.

Another important reason why sex between a husband/wife is inevitable is because the act itself is very pleasurable for both people involved. When you engage in sexual intercourse, you are telling your partner that you love him/her. You are telling them that despite the fact that you are married, you are still willing to experience the pleasure of sex. Sex is very enjoyable between lovers.

Children are another reason why Sex between a husband/wife is necessary. Children develop psychological needs that cannot be fulfilled in the conventional manner. Therefore, one of the possible solutions is having a baby. This gives both parties an opportunity to fulfill psychological needs and feelings.

The third reason why Sex between a husband/wife is necessary is because the act itself fulfills other needs. When you engage in sex, you are giving physical satisfaction to your partner. In turn, you are giving the satisfaction of your desire. If you are not happy with the relationship, it will be impossible to satisfy the desires of your partner.

When you are happy in your marriage, you tend to have more fulfilling sex. When you are in bed together, you are closer and share more emotions than when you engage in sex outside the relationship. When you are intimate with each other, it is a release for both parties. It does not only satisfy the physical need of your husband. It releases the emotional need of your wife.

On the physiological aspect, Sex between a husband/wife is beneficial to you. Your blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels are lowered during sex. It also relaxes your body. Your heart rate also slows down. All these factors help reduce stress and anxiety.

Finally, Sex between a husband and wife is a great release. It is something that you cannot do in solitude. It is something that brings you closer, as husband and wife. It is something that leaves you happy and tension free. The best thing is that it brings you closer to each other.

Sex between a husband and wife can be very loving and passionate. It can also be somewhat mundane. If done right, it will be the best kind of sex. Many marriages come to an end because the husband and wife are too far apart to make love. It is unfortunate that they cannot even share the same bed together.

There are ways, however, to bridge that gap. You can do it by having sex in a private place such as your bedroom. If this is not possible, then try to have sex in a separate room. Never have sex while watching television or listening to the stereo. It is impossible to enjoy sex if you are so engrossed in what you are watching, listening to or reading.

Another way to make your sex life better is to read romance novels. These novels provide the foundation for many a steamy night with your spouse. Remember that when you are having sex that you should not be thinking of anything except making love. Do other things instead and your sexual experience will be much more exciting.

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