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Making Sex A Priority And Taking Care Of Your Marriage

Living in survival mode without enough time to speak or play regularly leaves sexual relationships depleted and detachment can feel difficult to overcome. However, breaking the vicious cycle and making sex a priority can often only require some very deliberate choices. Although you might not yet be having sex often, it is still important to prioritize it in your relationship. You can’t make a guy fall in love or be committed if you are so busy thinking of how you can fill in the time you do have. Making sex a priority is one way to begin to rekindle a lost connection.

One way you can increase the amount of intimacy you have with your partner is to make time for intimate moments together. Intimacy doesn’t mean having sex. It means making time for intimate conversations, giving affection, holding hands, cuddling, watching movies, taking long walks, talking on the phone, sharing meals, laughing, singing or just being close with one another. Just being with each other. As a result, the amount of intimacy with your partner feels will rise and you can expect your intimacy levels to increase as well. Making sex a priority means more than just having one person; it’s making time for two people to connect on a deep level.

Another way to initiate sex in your marriage is to encourage the wife to feel more sexual. Having multiple orgasms is a good way to get your husband excited about sex again. After all, if he had lost interest after your third divorce, it could be that your lack of sex with him is what led him to consider a divorce in the first place. In addition, if you’ve been experiencing a lack of sex lately, or have even thought about it, then now is the perfect time to initiate sex in your marriage again.

Once you have encouraged your husband to initiate sex in your marriage again, the next step is to make sex a priority for the two of you. Not only does this help create intimacy in the relationship, but it will also create intimacy in the home as well. This means you will be spending more time together making meals, cleaning, shopping, fixing things around the house, and just being close as a couple. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing these things as a couple or just because you are spending time together, because the goal is the same-to create intimate moments with your spouse. And when that happens, sex will definitely follow.

Some couples need a little sex therapy before they are ready to have sex again. Others don’t need it at all. But the fact remains that there are many couples out there who need to have that spark back in their marriage. If you feel like there is nothing there anymore, then it’s about time you made some progress toward rekindling that passion you once felt for your spouse. After all, sex was what brought you and your spouse together in the first place, right? So you absolutely must work on having that intimate time again.

When you decide to make your husband a priority and make him a red-hot monogamy again, the next thing you need to do is take that step forward slowly. This means you shouldn’t jump into anything right away. Make your intentions known gradually. Don’t force the issue or try to have a baby right away or else you’re going to put a damper on that fire. So if you’ve been seeing your husband consistently for over eight weeks and he still hasn’t asked you to marry him, wait for at least four more weeks.

If you have already initiated sex and it’s going well, then you can think about how you can speed up the process. The key here is to use discretion when initiating sex again. Make it something you can look forward to as long as the marriage is intact. There are many married couples out there who started out as friends and ended up going in together.

If your husband wants to take care of the kids and you don’t mind having nights alone, then go ahead and have a night out. But if you want to make sex a priority, then plan for it and make sure your husband knows. Once you start making sex a priority with your husband, you’ll find that he’ll want to go along with it more and you can kiss your marriage goodbye.

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